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Quick Movers Limited offers superior services for clients wishing to transport both commodities, merchandise goods and cargo. We offer nothing short of quality, timely and convinient transport by sea. Our services are a guaranteed customer satisfaction because to us every single client is a valuable asset.

We inspire trust and loyalty in our customers and always look for the best solutions for our client's worries. Furthermore working with us gives every single customer the pleasure of enjoying professional services offered by skilled Quick Movers Limited personnel who are constantly trained and empowered with the capacity to offer efficient and effecitive service delivery.

Quick Movers Limited is constantly growing in services offered in the sea freight sector. Our years of constant training has and is making our skills, knowledge and experience makes our clients have full confidence in our us. Our sea freight services stretches beyond any ordinary freight companies. Clients can engage us to transit from bulk to dangerous cargo. Our have potential to freight such goods with extreme care, from flammables, chemicals others a like are our speciality.

Our client's mind is put at ease with our mastery in the import and export industry. We handle both international and local customers in addition we our sea freight services stretch beyond commodities, merchandise goods. Quick Movers Limited can handle dangerous cargos such as chemicals, flammable goods such as fuel, charcoal. Most freight companies lack the capacity to offer these freight services, Quick Movers Limited stretches beyond the borders, we also transport refer cargo(perishable-goods), out-of-gauge cargo(heavy machinery), bulk cargo(bulk such as serials) and so much more.

Quick Movers Limited is proud to offer affordable prices for client's in their endevaours. Our prices are the best in the country because we value you.
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Refeer Goods

Quick Movers Limited posses both the resource and manpower to handle perishable goods that require special handing. We can comfortably handle a variety of goods such as flowers, fruits, medicine. We offer the atmost care in offering the best care for our client's goods in the best conditions in refrigerated container. We understand you.
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Flammable Goods

Quick Movers Limited has trained personnel specialized to deal with flammable goods. We are certified to transit gases including hydrogen, methane and propane and other products such as charcoal, fuel. Client's goods are kept under specialized equipment and machinery safeguarding goods and personnels.
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Bulk & Heavy Cargo

We have the capacity and resources to freight cargos in bulk with extreme efficiency from consumer to business cargo such as liquid, dry, break bulk not limited to coffee, crude oil, wine, grain, iron ore, sugar. Heavy cargos including construction machinery. We provide services all the way from clearance, warehouse to the client's choice of destination.